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Answers to our most commonly asked questions

How much do your events cost?

When you work with as many companies as we do, you come to understand that budgets come in all sizes. To be able to assist the vast majority of people just like you who reach out to us for help, we’ve designed team building activities in all price ranges.

Keep in mind that for really large groups with tight budgets, we’re fantastic at coming up with a solution that will work for everyone.

Do you have minimum investment levels?

Because we have fixed setup costs associated with most events we run, minimum investment levels are often required depending on the location and date of your event. Minimums are lower in regions where we have Operation Centers already established, and somewhat higher in other locations.

If you have a really small group size and the minimums are stopping you from enjoying one of our activities, be sure to check out our popular u-host events. They are an absolute blast and perfect if you’re on a really tight budget!

These minimum investment levels have a nominal effect on per person pricing for large groups, but can have a more significant effect on smaller groups. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation. We’re here to help!

What group sizes do you work with?

Although we established our reputation for our work with very large corporate groups, in fact we work with all group sizes. While we regularly conduct events for large groups of 500 or more, we also work with small groups of 10 or fewer.

Our events are designed to be scalable for all group sizes although some events are more suitable than others for larger groups. We are always happy to have an in-depth conversation with you to determine which of our events would be the best fit for your group.

Where do you run your events?

Our events, people, and equipment are completely portable. You benefit from this flexibility because you can have us come to your location whether that be your office, a nearby park, the downtown core, the resort or hotel you’ve chosen to meet at, or a more remote location.

Having fully portable event coordinators, combined with our centralized sales, marketing and administration teams, allows our company to offer a phenomenal range of high quality team building events, products and services at price points everyone can afford.

You name the place … we’re ready to go.

Which event should I choose?

It is important that we match your group with an event that will meet or exceed your expectations. It is critical during your initial conversations with us that you communicate accurately with us about your group, your goals, your budget and your abilities. We have a broad range of activities to choose from; there is something for everyone and we may suggest something more appropriate for your group if we feel a different activity better suits your group profile.

Can your events be run in a bilingual format?

Absolutely. Be sure to discuss this requirement with your Event Solutions rep early on in your conversation.

Do we need to be physically fit to take part in your events?

Our clients have a broad range of abilities and fitness levels. One of the reasons why we have such a broad range of events is because of the varying fitness levels of participants. Some of our events require more physical exertion than others. All have been designed, however, to allow less physically active people to take part. And we have a number of great events that require a minimal activity levels. In most cases we’ve outlined in the event introduction and description what level of activity is required.

It is important that you discuss the needs and abilities of your group in general, as well as any specific limitations of one or more of your group, so that we are able to suggest what would be the best fit for your group.

Will my event take place regardless of the weather?

Our outdoor events are designed to operate in all weather conditions, and we have never had a client comment that the event was ruined by the weather. With proper dress the weather often becomes irrelevant. Occasionally inclement weather conditions actually IMPROVE the event by bonding the participants as they overcome the elements together.

Most events can be implemented indoors or with limited exposure to the weather. This provides you with a number of solutions regardless of the season or temperature.

Why should I choose you as my partner for my event?

We run unique and innovative events and programs that will engage your group, be effective at meeting your goals, and be memorable.

Although we are one of Jersey City’s largest team building event companies, you’ll notice a very personalized level of service, something rarely found today.

Our large team of dedicated professionals quickly respond to your needs before, during, and after your event. We know you’re in a rush and need information NOW. We’re well known for getting proposals out fast!

We have proven our abilities with many of the top organizations in the world. People just like you trust us to ‘pull it off’ when a flawless event is needed. View our recent testimonials.

Our aim is to develop a long term win-win relationship with you, one that will benefit you and your organization for years to come. We want you as a return client and will work hard to ensure you would be more than happy to recommend us to your colleagues and friends.

Get the team building activity help you need today!

Contact our team at 1-877-713-7238 to discuss what you’re looking for and experience for yourself why people who plan team building activities for the most successful companies in Jersey City rely on our talented team. Whether you have a large group of 1000 plus, or something much smaller, we can help. And if you require it, all our activities are available in a bilingual format!

Need a detailed proposal right away? That’s our specialty.

Part of an independent meeting planning firm? See why a meeting planner partnership with us and our vast array of group activity solutions makes great business sense.

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